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Inquire is a full service market research company. You'll be amazed at the quality and range of services you receive without paying premium prices. But, you'll never be surprised by an invoice. What you are quoted, is what you are billed.


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Services: Inquire offers specialized in Marketing Services, Institutional and Organizational Capacity Building, Management Services, Events Management more


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Our Profile: We have a rich profile and many happy customers please have a look at our service type clients list more


Inquire National Patient Database:
For the first time you now have access to a database of patients by ailment, prescription medication, and health care coverage. The Inquire National Patient Database offers this, and much more.
This data is available by geographic region, household income, and a number of life style variables, like smoking behavior, LASIK vision correction, and attempted weight loss.

You now have the ability to conduct market research, recruit for clinical studies, and send promotional materials directly to patients based on known ailments, medications, or health care coverage.

Please contact me to receive a list of the ailments currently represented, the medications being taken, or the health plans being used. more

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